About Us

MDR is unique as it encourages people to look at aspects of medicine that are often overlooked by both aspiring healthcare professionals and the general public.

What We Do

As the forerunner of dialogue between the humanities and natural sciences at New York University, the Medical Dialogue Review is an ambitious student publication established to bridge conventional boundaries between diverse disciplines and achieve a profound understanding of medicine and humanity. If you are interested in contributing to or getting published in our journal, contact us!

Why We Do It

Every semester, students bridge gaps among fields. Every semester, students participate as Writers, Reviewers, and Artists. In the past, our diverse array of contributors have included student entrepreneurs, social activists, urban farmers, budding researchers, spiritual seekers, athletes, medical volunteers, business colleagues, culinary whizzes, poets, dental scholars, visionaries, and others with the same promise and potential as YOU!

The content of the Journal of Medical Dialogue Review represents perspectives of students, professionals, or patients on issues in healthcare.

We facilitate the dialogue of medicine not only through biology or chemistry, but also through fields such as poetry and community health. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand in the medical community to train “physician-scholars”, or health care professionals who are not just well-versed in the science of medicine, but also understand the role of medicine in the larger societal context.

We bring to campus exceptional professionals of healthcare or related fields who have expanded the minds of dozens of students. We capture the interest of students ranging from nursing majors, pre-health students, public policy students, medical students, and to students studying law. In the future, we plan to have even more discussions, and more opportunities for students to express themselves and expand their horizons. We hope you will grow, journey, and achieve with us through this modern intellectual renaissance!


Ethics and Medicine
History and Medicine
Religion and Medicine
Arts and Medicine
Poetry and Medicine
Interview with Medical Humanity Experts

Medicine and Politics
Medicine and Economics
Anthropology and Medicine
Psychology and Medicine
Undergraduate Research Highlights
Email and CRM

Community Health
International Health
Health Education
Brand Experience Design
Health Policy
Health Administration

Executive Board 2022-2023

President: Alyssa Khooayk9839@nyu.edu

Hi everyone! I’m Alyssa, a junior in CAS majoring in Biology and pursuing the pre-med track. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of MDR for the past two years as a writer and editor and I absolutely love seeing the publication come together during the semester. When I’m not studying for my biology exams, I love walking around New York, trying new restaurants with my friends, and watching films. Please feel free to email me with questions about MDR and our journals!

Vice President: Maimunah Virkmv1794@nyu.edu 

Bio coming soon!

Treasurer: Natalie Hohlerneh316@nyu.edu 

Bio coming soon!

Secretary: Brooke Bennett beb9525@nyu.edu

Hi, I’m Brooke! I’m a senior in CAS studying Biology on the pre-med track. In my free time, I love skiing, reading, photography, and hiking (when I’m not in NYC)!

Editor-in-Chief: Diya Cherian – dc4478@nyu.edu

Bio coming soon!

Director of Creative Design: Chloe Gammon – cmg10002@nyu.edu

Bio coming soon!

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