Manage the issue’s editorial and publication process including the assignment of articles and reviewers to Senior Editors, as well as the assessment of final drafts.

Create semesterly timelines and applications for editorial positions, as well as select qualified applicants for reviewer and writer positions.

Manage a semesterly writing workshop event, a group ­refresher on writing and grammar skills

Senior Editor – Apply Here

­Manage the beginning phases of the editorial process between reviewers and writers and apply edits where necessary.

­Take an active part in club and workshop events and facilitate an ongoing dialogue through the Editor’s Choice Series, which involves a brief excerpt on a current event and its relation to a past article.

* Must be a returning member

Editor – Apply Here

­Read student article drafts to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.

­Verify facts, dates, and statistics using listed reference sources.

­Include a brief summary of constructive criticism per assigned article.

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