Write an article about something in healthcare that you’re passionate about!

We accept articles of topics including, but not limited to public health, cellular biology, epidemiology, integrative medicine, psychology, biochemistry, nutrition, patient experience, ethics, and public policy. Writers are expected to compose well ­written articles with topics that MUST be healthcare and/or science related. We are now also accepting creative literary works about the medical field, such as poetry and personal accounts. Application form for writer proposals will be released during the second week of September.

You will be assigned one or two articles to review. Reviewers are expected to correct grammar mistakes, thoroughly check all cited sources, and write constructive criticism for the author. Reviewer applications are due September 18 for the Fall 2015 Issue.


Staff Writer – Apply Here

­Write a one to six ­page double­ spaced article which informs on an innovative, pressing scientific or health­ related topic in an understandable way and spark dialogue within the NYU community.

­Support topic of interest with credible and scholarly sources.


Breakthroughs Writer – Apply Here

This semester the Medical Dialogue Review is excited to continue expanding past Washington Square and announce the return of our newest section! “Breakthroughs” is designed for short articles and accepts submissions from writers within and beyond the NYU community. Articles are limited to 500 words and lend themselves to covering hot topics in medicine, science, and public health in a concise format.

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