Now Accepting Spring 2023 Applications!

Deadline: February 13, 11:59 P.M.


Thank you so much for your interest in the Medical Dialogue Review. We have exciting plans for this spring and are so happy to be creating a full-length publication.

Something new we are incorporating this semester is called Breakthroughs in which we are inviting both NYU and non-traditional contributors (such as non-NYU undergraduates and healthcare professionals) to submit articles on intriguing and highly-relevant medical discoveries and updates. These articles will be relatively shorter pieces (about 500 words).

As of today, the following roles are open for application:


Writer Application – Staff Member

Students interested in submitting a standard full-length medical research article or original creative writing piece should apply for this position.

Writer Application – Breakthroughs

This application is for students interested in submitting a 500-word research-related article on a recent medical discovery – this is open to both NYU and non-NYU undergraduate students. The submission should be a full, completed draft of your article but will undergo a normal review process.


Students will be responsible for editing the articles submitted by writers and providing constructive feedback. 

Senior Editor

We are looking for multiple Senior Editors with high grammatical proficiency to manage a team of editors and review suggestions for accuracy and substance. Senior Editors must be comfortable monitoring a group and briefing students on our editing process. 

Creative Staffer

We are looking for creative students to contribute unique artwork to our issue, including different mediums of visual art and photography. 

Creative Coordinator

We are looking for a new E-board member who can manage submissions of our creative content and source artwork from the entire NYU community. 

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