The most important acceptability guideline for MDR is social and medical significance. This only means that the medically-related article must be written in a way that convey relevance to society.

We accept article in the following areas:

Medicine and the Humanities

a. Ethics and Medicine
b. History and Medicine
c. Religion and Medicine
d. Arts and Medicine
e. Poetry and Medicine
f. Interview with the Medical Humanity Experts

Teaching the Doctor:

– Essays on patient’s experience
– Clinical perspective from non-healthcare provider

Medicine and the Social Sciences

a. Medicine and Politics or the Politics of Medicine
b. Medicine and Economics or Money in Medicine
c. Anthropology and Medicine
d. Psychology and Medicine (Articles not technical enough to be classified as psychiatry)

Concepts in Biomedical Science

a. Undergraduate Research Highlights –review only, no original data is published
b. Interview with the Science Experts
c. Medical Breakthroughs – audience-friendly review

Public Health

a. Community Health
b. International Health
c. Health Education
d. Health Policy
e. Health Administration


a. Responses to Professional Articles
b. Letters to the Editors

Medical Book or Movie Review

Becoming a Healthcare Professional

a. Advices from people who have been there
b. Interviews with professionals

Articles under other headings: should obtained written permission from MDR staff before being reviewed.

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