Beyond the Blueprint

Rebecca M Walton


Similar to a spider’s web and its labyrinth of connections

A variety of paths, as it crawls in all directions

Up, down, left, right, fast, slow, then still

A cortical network elicited an action, with or without my will


Some view this phenomenon as simply a computation

Others argue we have an elusive power within

This proposed dichotomy is intriguing, yet I’m still wondering:

What could the reason have been?


It’s not so simple to say A plus B equals C

It’s more like a puzzle, the solution too obscure to see

Each strand in the web physically has a start and end

But where these fibers truly come from is difficult to comprehend

You must know adjusting the network is anything but rare

So to say I have a fixed design would certainly be unfair



I won’t go looking in the DSM browsing for a definition

I won’t make diagnosing my primary mission

I instead see all individuals as a delicate mosaic of junctions

The series of trillions of synapses that lead to one’s functions



Growing up I often heard: “you’re just wired this way”

But if that is really the case, I am of the same nature today

There is the innate and then there is the next layer

For both chemicals and experiences can influence behavior



So how are we all so unique in our actions, reactions, and manners?

It’s not as if this is suddenly clear under an MRI scanner

The intricacies of the brain allow us to vary to the n-th degree

Meaning every human in this world is quite different from me



It’s not hard to look at the tangible – the effect and the cause

The mechanisms and circuits all follow a standard set of laws

So I can tell you how the spinal cord allows you to bend your knee

But think about how the nervous system interacts with what we can’t see

Think about how the world outside is able to provoke what is inherent

Now let me ease your worries: the consequences aren’t so apparent

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