Illustrator Guidelines


We produce artwork for journal, book, slide, video, and internet distribution. Our range of media include traditional as well as digital artwork in color, tone, and line. We strive to provide our clients with effective, comprehensive, cost-conscious, and timely illustration services.
Our list of illustration services include:

Medical and Biological Illustration

Medical-Legal Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Patient Education Illustration

Surgical Training Figures

Medical Animation

Figures for Publication, Web or Presentation

Web and Instructional Design

Multimedia Programs

Digital Artwork

Photography (make sure you have the consent of person(s) in photograph if applicable) Basically… of any form!

If art is being done by hand (on paper, canvas, etc.) it is recommended that you use a scanner. Bobst scanners are large and very efficient, rather than using a camera/phone to take a photo. Images will be edited via Photoshop for presentation.

Topics include: medicine/healthcare, public health, social science, research, etc.

What will it be used for? Artwork may be used for the front/back covers, title pages, for poetry or specific articles, etc. It will be kept in our MDR art archive and potentially reused for club purposes in the future (e.g. poster board, flyers, future issues, etc.)

What happens after submission: submissions will be reviewed immediately. Potential feedback for improvisations may be sent out, but we will definitely let you know how we decide to use your art submission in this year’s issue.

We look forward to seeing your artwork!

Illustrator Application

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