Submit Your Artwork for the Spring 2017 Issue

ART SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Our general theme for this semester is diversity in medicine. We accept artistic media of all forms (e.g. sketches, drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, etc.)!

Art Submissions are due: March 31st, 2017 at 11:59PM
Submission link:

For further inspiration, below is a list of topics that will be discussed in this semester’s issue:
• Effects of space on human health
• FDA legislation for “off-label” drugs
• Electronic health records
• Primary stroke centers leading to lower fatality
• “Wanderlust” gene
• Trump’s Muslim Ban on med school, patient care, and healthcare system
• Rise of Cervical Cancer in Latin America
• Mental health in US Legal System
• Cumulative childhood stress and negative health outcomes
• Egyptian vs. American healthcare systems
• Ulcerative colitis treatment
• Cultural differences in treatment and recovery from mental disorders
• Physician suicide and mental illness
• Phage therapy
• US Preventive Task Force & reduction in cancer screenings
• Leukemia
• Asian American health issues

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