Applications for Senior Roles!

Applications for Senior Roles

We are excited to announce the opening of applications for senior editor, creative staffer and treasurer. While these positions are open to all members, we encourage those with previous experience as a writer, peer reviewer, or artist to apply.

For more information regarding each position please view the complete application on OrgSync via the links below. Applicants are welcome to apply for more than one position.

Treasurer application | Due April 21st
Senior Editor application | Two positions available | Due April 30th
Creative Staffer application | Two positions available | Due April 30th

Executive Board Elections

Elections for e-board positions (President, Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, and Director of Art & Layout) will be held between April 16 – April 20. The MDR Slating Committee has nominated current, non-graduating E-Board members to lead each of the these positions next year.

However, candidacy is open to all current members of our organization. If you believe you are a qualified applicant, and wish to be included on the E-Board ballot, please submit your statement of candidacy via the following OrgSync application.

Nominations are due on Friday, April 14th, by 11:59pm.

Please note that we recommend gaining experience as a Senior Editor or Creative Staffer before assuming a central leadership role.

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